Treat each problem as unique, and find the most elegant solution

Our agency is no one-trick-pony. Every project we take on is evaluated separately to find the perfect technologies to suit your needs.

Simple brochure websites are very different from complex web applications, and should be treated as such. A carpenter prides himself on a diverse set of tools to get the job done correctly and efficiently, and so do we. After the design process has begun on any given project, we sit down to begin figuring out what is the most efficient set of web technologies to realize the idea that will supply both the end user and you, the client, with an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of our client’s site, we make sure everything is setup to be future proof. We build long lasting products, and guarantee you won’t need to rebuild your platform for years to come. The frameworks we choose ensure that updates will all be supported and handled gracefully.

Once our foundation has been laid, all the code and optimizations your site needs is crafted from scratch. We don’t rebuild the wheel on every project, but our sites are not cookie cutter templates, and neither is our code base. Before going live to production, we implement every effort possible to optimize your site for maximum speed and efficiency across all platforms.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS allows us to deliver gorgeous, unique web experiences while providing a custom tailored content editing experience for our clients. This is why it has become one of our favorite web technologies.

Craft CMS is also extremely extensible, allowing us to create everything from a brochure-style websites to web applications. If you are in need of a durable, exceptional website built with Craft, you’ve come to the right place.


ReactJS is one of the most prominent front-end javascript frameworks on the market. It allows developers to create dynamic and performant view layer to the underlying data model of an application. We leverage ReactJS on projects that require a modern and exciting application interface.


Does your business sell products, either digital or physical? Creating an online store will open up your product to the roughly 3.6 billion people with internet access. An attractive and easy to use digital marketplace is paramount to converting consumers, and that is exactly what Underground Web Lab can provide.

We work with Shopify, Craft Commerce, WooCommerce, or any Ecommerce platform you prefer to put your products in front of the audience they need.

Web Applications

Sometimes a business’s website needs to do a little… more. Perhaps you need an internal employee portal, where your users can update critical client information, or create reports? Maybe you have an idea for the next big SaaS (Software as a Service). Underground Web Lab can create the web application you need with the features and usability you want.

We work with frameworks like AngularJs, Laravel, and even Craft CMS to create cross platform, extensible, and user friendly web applications.

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