UWL Backstory & Belief

A Story on Our Team

By Antonio Passariello

Starting a business, itself, is challenging. Developing a business that lasts for several years or more like successful brands - Apple, Microsoft, Nike, etc. - is incredibly challenging. To follow suit of these successful businesses, we had to take a lesson from them and identify what makes them successful. Their success is predicated on their strong belief/vision. A vision that is communicated well in every aspect of their business's content, products, and services. Every action they take, message they share, and project they are a part of they never falter to convey their vision. They create connections between partners and customers with their beliefs and brand. We want to create connections between our partners and Underground Web Lab’s beliefs, and this article will explain our story.

As a small team, we identified our mission by understanding our strengths and weaknesses as a creative design and development duo. We came from a technical background and learned incredible knowledge from our Alma Mater - Michigan Technological University - a renowned research university; a place that fosters creativity, technical savviness and ideas.

Why did we start?

Here at Underground Web Lab, we are a small team yet we have a strong belief. Our vision - a driving force - of why we started this brand and website development company is the following:

We believe in passionate ideas and compelling experiences.

Core Values:


Open discussions and identifying important objectives from the beginning.


We don't have clients, we have partners. Your success means our success.


We believe quality should not falter no matter the investments.


The fuel for supporting big ideas and creating experiences for the digital age.

What we serve our partners?

What we offer is trusted, future-proof and modern websites that communicate a brand’s vision for those who have a great story to share with their dedicated community. Our technical savviness and creative abilities go hand-in-hand with building/designing websites, web applications, and other digital products that allow us to support our partners and share their ideas.

Here is a full list of our services:

  • Website design & development
  • Web App Design & Development
  • Brand Design (logo & brand identities)
  • UX Design & Creative Direction
  • Digital media production
  • Website Maintenance

These may change as we continue to refine our creative expertise and services throughout our team's growth.

How we aim to be remembered

We plan on fulfilling the belief through crafting great partnerships, solving complex problems, and creating user-friendly experiences with the latest web technologies.

Our brand personality is important to us. So the services we provide partners will be carried out with our core values in mind:

Brand Traits:

Tested research

First we understand our partner’s needs and story so we can solve problems effectively and offer the best solution

Modern design

Each build process is focused on end-user needs and creating tac-sharp visuals for today’s design standards.

Efficient coding

Tailor each project with well documented and modular code, as well as future-proofing it for agile expansion.

We hope you enjoyed the inside story of our team’s formation. If you have any questions for us or looking to partner with us, we’d be happy to spark a conversation with you.